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V Candle Company 100% Clean Soy Wax Candles Made in Cincinnati Ohio USA


Owner & Candler: Vanessa Turco

I’m from, live, and love Cincinnati, OH!

Family is everything. My parents are my backbone. My husband is my bestie. I’m also an obsessive fur momma & stepmom of two awesome boys! You’ll often see my family and doggie hanging out & helping at the markets I attend… come say hi!

Creating 100% soy wax candles started out as a fun experiment, but I quickly became passionate about the process & the oils, which led to the creation of V Candle Co. in 2019.  I use only quality wax, cotton wicks, and CandleScience “Clean Scents” with a blend of essential oils. I keep it simple, so you can enjoy clean, quality, and affordable candles at home.

All the jars, tins, and labels I use are recyclable! When you are at the end of a candle’s life…put it into the freezer and pop-out the leftover wax. Clean with a gentle dish soap and find a creative way to reuse your jar…or recycle it. Mother Earth thanks you.

Take the time to breathe, relax and smile.  You deserve it!

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