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My name is Vanessa!   Creating natural soy wax candles started out as a fun experiment, but I quickly became passionate about the process & the oils, which led to the conception of V Candle Co. in 2019.  Wellness awareness is so important to me. I hope my candles can play a small part in your self-care journey.  When I'm not daydreaming about my next candle creation, you can find me enjoying exercise and delving into studies about health and nutrition.  I love to travel and my soul feels most cozy while wandering, exploring and experiencing new things.  I also seriously love animals, which is why all of my candles are 100% cruelty-free.  Probably not shocking that I also adore Mother Earth and want to do everything I can to protect her. So - once your candle burns out, simply place the tin in the freezer, pop out the leftover frozen wax, and find a creative way to reuse your tin or jar.
Take the time to breathe, relax and smile.  You deserve it.

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